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top 5 pathetic showbiz issues.
Friday, July 16, 2010 @ 9:53 PM

          I've compiled 5 pathetic showbiz issues and rumors. Now, why are these pathetic?

First issue = "Marian Rivera's real bad attitude behind the camera."
  • Before telling you how pathetic this is, let me show you the video first.
  • See? That was what they say, "REAL BAD ATTITUDE" behind the camera. (sigh)  Not because they're celebrities, doesn't mean they are not allowed to be pissed off or be mad. What she said on the video was, "Oh bat ngayon, ganyan ka? Porket maraming nanonood sayo, ngayon, mabait ka. Kanina, tinatarantado mo ko, ako lang mag-isa nakakarinig sa'yo." (why are you like that now? just because people are now watching you, you're kind. but earlier, when i was alone and i'm the only one hearing you, you're treating me like shit.) Which means there must be something wrong with that guy. Right? I mean, the guy didn't even said I didn't do anything wrong to Marian. All he said was that he shouldn't be touched by the other people because he didn't do anything wrong with them.
  • People tend to use videos like this to ruin someone's career. It's not gonna work. She didn't even do anything. She was just fighting for her rights as a person and as a woman.
Second issue = (once again) "Marian Rivera saying "isa ho akong Psychology" (i'm a psychology) instead of "isa ho akong Psychologist" (i'm a Psychologist)"
  • Ever heard of the word, "mistake"? Once again, here's the video. Tss.
  • I'm guessing you already know what my point is.
Third issue = "Raymond Gutierrez is GAY."
  • First of all, who is he or us to care? He's not even that popular. His brother is, though. But not him. Anyway, what if he's gay? He's a showbiz talk show host. He's into gossip, latest issues, chikas, whatever you call it. It's not inappropriate to be gay if you're in that field. If you're a matinee idol though, that is inappropriate. Making all the girls scream your name, but what you really want is for guys to do that. LOL, at the same time, sheesh. -____-

Fourth issue = "A Blooper from the Government."
  • On his very first day as president, President Aquino declared “all non-career executive positions vacant as of 30 June 2010, and extending the services of contractual employees whose contracts expire on 20 June 2010.”
  • But after declaring, when the circular was handed to Malacañang reporters, it has been replaced with a "revised circular" dated on the same day as the original.
  • The revised circular read: “Declaring all co-terminous third level positions vacant as of June 30, 2010; directing all non-career executive service officials (non-CESO) occupying career executive service (CES) positions to continue to perform their duties and responsibilities; and extending the services of certain contractual and/or casual employees whose contracts expire on June 30, 2010.”
  • The issues now say that it's a blooper and it was a very careless act coming from the government of President Aquino.
  • My point is, it was his first day. Give the guy same break, for Christ's sake. He's still human even though he's a president, ok? :)
Fifth issue (finally) = "ABS-CBN's number 1! GMA7's number 1! NETWORK WAR!"
  • We watch your shows, that's it. No need for network wars. No need to debate about who's number 1 or who has better ratings. Each channel have their own specialty. You'll just have to deal with that. No need to be the best. Give chance to others. Well, being the best is possible, but it's unnecessary. Why do you want to be the best? So you could brag about being number 1? That's just pathetic.
    That's it for now. Hope you understand what my point is and what I'm trying to say.

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