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pinoy henyo.
Friday, July 9, 2010 @ 3:25 PM

          I always watch Eat Bulaga's Pinoy Henyo portion. It's very nice to watch how these contestants make a fool of themselves. LOL. Well, not all. Some, maybe.
          A pair will be given two minutes to play the game. First person must guess what word is being shown on the machine on his/her head. While the other person will just answer "Oo" (yes), "Hindi" (no), or "Pwede" (can be) after the first person ask her questions like "Tao ba 'to?" (is this a person?), "Lugar?" (a place?), "nakikita ba 'to sa bahay?" (is this seen inside a house?), etc.

          That's Eugene Domingo, BTW (lady in yellow). A veteran actress. One of my favorites. While the other lady in blue is Elena. I saw her in the movie, "Kimmy Dora".
          Anyway, some contestants exaggerate how they say the three words. Specifically, by shouting. Very irritating. But some though, say it appropriately. Just right.
          It's a very nice game, actually. It practices how we open our minds into all nouns. It exercises how we think with simple clues given to us. And it strengthens our discipline in following rules. Even though it's just a game, if we open our minds, it actually helps our personality and our way of thinking. Very nice. :)
This is the episode of the above's screencaps. Watch it! It's hilarious!

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