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our photography class.
Thursday, July 29, 2010 @ 1:47 PM

          Yesterday, we started using DSLR in our photography class. I really had fun using it, and I did some great pictures, well, for me. I really want to share it to this blog, but unfortunately, I can't yet. Maybe later when I get home.
          Anyway, after all the class yesterday, my tropa decided to eat at greenwich for pizza. We never hangout as a whole anymore and we would like to catch up with each other all at the same time. It was fate that put us all together to make the day possible. It was very fun. And because we have our DSLR brought, we took pictures of the day. Memorable.
          All in all, yesterday was really fun. It was so awesome to hangout with these people. Each of us have our own personality, own likes and dislikes. But if you put us together, it's just oh-so-magical. :)

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