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Tuesday, July 20, 2010 @ 2:08 AM

          It was 1AM when I saw one post on tumblr that totally hit me. I really have so many bad memories in life, and I really want them to disappear. Well, that's very impossible, but I just wanna try to erase all these painful memories away.

The post was from kidaokagee.
Title : Nais ko kayong anyayahing gumawa ng listahan ng mga bagay na masasakit para sa inyo.
Post : Tapos, tapos, wala lang. Edi nalista na natin. Hahaha. Pwedeng sunugin. Pwedeng matuto mula sa mga ito. Pwedeng… mag-look back kung paano tayo naka-get over.
O kaya pwedeng deadmahin niyo na lang din ‘to (dahil wala lang naman talaga akong magawa tapos nandadamay pa ako). Hahahaha.
          After reading that, I wrote every bad memory I can remember in a tiny piece of paper. Then,

I burned it. While the paper is turning into ashes, I watched every single letter burn and disappear. When I don't see the paper anymore, I turned the faucet on and watch how these insignificant ashes go into the drain. I was relieved that I won't be able to see these words again. It helped me a bit, but it showed me one fact about life. That even if you put all your efforts into erasing these memories, they will always leave a scar that will remind you about them. In this case, they left me

a tiny part of the paper. I can burn it again or throw it to completely erase all the memories. But I didn't. I kept it and hid it on my wallet. Because for me, that tiny piece of paper will always be a proof that from all these memories, I survived.

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