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Friday, July 9, 2010 @ 2:50 AM

          Yep. A cheesy blog from me. LOL. Anyway, here's a blog about my recent crush, KC! Don't wanna complete her full name because this blog is in listings and she might see it if ever she googles her name. Just playing safe here.
          It's very random how she became my crush. Some girl on tumblr asked me what her tumblr id was. Actually, I didn't even know that she has a Tumblr account. so out of curiosity, I tried viewing KC's Facebook to see if she posted the link of her tumblr in her info page. Unfortunately, there was none. But then I saw her primary picture. And WOW. She is very gorgeous. X"> I looked at her other photos and she was just stunning. Look.

          A beauty, isn't she? I find her a counterpart of that emo guy, Alex Evans. (sigh) Too bad, we didn't get to be close friends. :( But whatever. Facebook's always there. And BTW, we both live in the same subdivision and in the same phase. (cheers) LOL. :)

PS: She's just a crush. There's a huge difference between love and crush. :)

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